Fourteen million people are living in greater Tehran, traffic is mad and rush hour seems to last all day. That’s why we were glad our friend Nema would meet us on Azadi Square, which isn’t too hard to find, and escort us from there. When we got to their nice apartment in the north of Tehran, Nema’s wife Maryam awaited us with a delicious home-cooked dinner. The next day they guided us around the bazaar and the old part of the city and took us to a nice Persian restaurant where they serve dizi, a tasty stew which you have to mash yourself with a wooden masher.


One thought on “Tehran

  1. Amai ziet er wel gezellig uit daar! Ik ben jaloers!! Spijtig dat Iran niet echt een vakantieland is, anders zou ik Maryam ook eens gaan bezoeken (hoewel ook nauwelijks herkenbaar met zo’n stomme hoofddoek…)

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