Sufi Night


Thursday night in Lahore is Sufi Night. Sufism is a form of Islamic mysticism, with a strong connection to music. I’d seen Sufi performances before -the famous whirling dervishes of Turkey and Cairo- but I was not prepared for the eclectic trip that is Sufi Night, and An even less… Sufi’s gather in the Shrine of Baba Shah Jamal to dance to the hypnotic music of great drummers. By whirling their bodies and vigorously shaking their heads they try to reach a higher state of mind. The cheerful crowd, barely fitting in the small courtyard, only adds to the sensation.

Beware: you can get a culture shock just by watching the movie!

4 thoughts on “Sufi Night

  1. Da zal wel dat die mannen high worden…
    En s’anderendaags koppijn. ;-)

    Ziet er wel…. euhhmmmm… apart uit :-)

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